Mobile Phone Security app

We have developed a sensitive program that has the ability to trace and track misplaced, lost or stolen mobile phones. This system can be installed on all Android mobile phones.

Whenever a SIM card in a mobile phone is changed, a text message (via SMS) is sent to the control center where the system will check if the user is rightful owner of the mobile phone. This system will store the information of all unauthorized SIM Cards in the database for tracking purposes.

A website has also been developed for the purpose of registration. Subscribers register their mobile phone information. Subscribers are able to access their information online through this website at any time, and may track different SIM Card of their mobile phone.

Function Of MPTS

The main function of MPTS include:

  ·      Monitors whenever a new SIM card is changed or replaced. When this occurs, a text message is sent to our system (Control Center) via SMS.

  ·      Stores any other mobile number that is not the same as the registered mobile phone number in our database.

·        When subscriber report loss of phone, the system will trigger a check whenever the SIM card is changed and will send a text message via SMS to the unauthorized user to return the
         phone to the mobile number you registered.

In many cases, stolen mobile phones are resold as second hand mobile phones. In this case, sending such text messages to the new user of the mobile phone helps to alert the new user of the mobile phone of the fact that the said mobile phone may have been stolen. With this information, the original thief of the mobile phone may also be tracked through interviewing the new user of the mobile phone.

·       The system will store all different phone numbers used to call out during the period of the phone loss until the phone is returned, even if the mobile phone has placed calls to non-local phone numbers.

·       An e-mail will be sent to the subscriber whenever any new mobile number is used for subscribers to take necessary action.

·       If the mobile phone has GPS, then the position of the mobile phone will be received by the control center. This information can then be accessed by the subscriber.


How to Install

Click the Image an the following page will be displayed as shown below

Click install and system will ask to sign in as shown below

After installing the App, On you mobile phone you can see the Icon displayed on you mobile phopne.

After installing the App, On you mobile phone you can see the Icon displayed on you mobile phopne.

First and subsequent use

when you click the icon for the first time, the following screen will be displayed as shown below where you would need to enter the details. NRIC/Passport No is optional. All other details have to be entered. For mobile details, please include your country code, area code and mobile number. This mobile details is used when you lose you mobile phone. Any unauthorise user mobile number is sent by sms to this mobile number. Please enter you address correctly especially you country and post code. When you save and exit you will receive your userid and password; sent to you via sms and email.

Your app is fully installed and ready for use. When you lose you Mobile, all you need to do is to go to and login you user id and password. you can report you loss and at the same time you can also see all diiferent sim card use.

When you have reported your phone lost, if anybody found your phone and use your phone, they would get the message as shown below.

At the same time the following message is sent to your email address as shown below