The importance of the mobile phone today is undisputed; it is one of the most important forms of communication available to consumers. Additionally, the uses of the hand phone are always evolving. Many consumers store increasing amounts of information (personal or otherwise) on such devices such as contact lists, pictures, videos and so on ? and rely heavily on these devices for day-to-day purposes. Today there are over 3.3 billion mobile phone user worldwide..

We have design a system to track your lost mobile phone. All you need to do is to install the program into your mobile phone and we will do the rest. Do Not Delay.....Download the apps with us and have a peace of mind.

SOS Emergency app

When you are in trouble you panic....what do you do? are cornered..with this app all you need to do is click the icon installed on you mobile and your location and the message 'you are in trouble' is sent to 3 people you have added to this app for them to respond to you.

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Locate Love Ones app

Not knowing where loved ones can be worrying. This app allows user to know where love ones are. All user need to do is to install this app in their mobile phone of the people you want to locate.
This app is very useful for locating your children, aged parents or disabled people (both mentally or physically).

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Mobile Phone Security app

Due to consumers heavy reliance on mobile phones, theft or loss of mobile phones poses a huge inconvenience, especially in countries where there is a high rate of mobile phone ownership. Consumers are then no longer able to use their mobile phone to communicate with others, and also lose a great deal of personal information in the process. Needless to say, this causes consumers a great deal of distress.
This app can monitor the mobile phone for anyone who uses your phone. Your phone movement is stored in our database and you can view them by entering your username and password. When you loose your phone, all you need to do is report your lost phone and the website will send the other mobile number you entered when you install this app, non authorise user's phone number.

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